St. Peter Church in Zurich photo

St. Peter`s Church is considered one of the oldest churches in Zurich, but it has been preserved in a significantly updated form. The first Church here was founded by king Ludwig II of Germany in 857, although excavations have uncovered older fortifications and an 8th-century chapel.

The Church of Ludwig II was destroyed in 1000, and a Romanesque building was erected in its place. It was reconstructed in 1230, but in General, the building of the Church of St. Peter, built in 1000, has been preserved to our day.

In 1460, the interior of the Church was reconstructed in the Gothic style. In 1706, the Church was transferred to the Protestant Church. Since the Church is located on a hill, its tower was used as a signal fire tower until 1911. Today, the observation deck on the tower is open to the public.

On the tower of St. Peter`s Church is the largest clock in Europe. They were installed in 1538. The people of Zurich called their Thick Peter. The dial diameter reaches 8.7 meters. The minute hand is 4 meters long. In addition to being the largest watch, it is also very accurate. The term "Swiss watch" is quite appropriate to their accuracy.