Linderhof in Zurich

The Linderhof (Linden court) is a platform on a hill that rises 25 meters above the left Bank of the Limmat river. It is planted with lime trees and offers the most beautiful views of the historic center of Zurich. The ancient Romans in the 1st century AD opened a customs point on this place, and built a fortress around it.

The Roman fortress founded on the site of Linderhof was called Turicum. The customs post was opened to control an important trade route from the Danubian lands to the North of Europe. King Ludwig II, of the Carolingian dynasty, reconstructed the Roman fortress in the 9th century and made it his residence. Next to it, for his daughter Hildelgard, he built Fraumunster Abbey, which ruled the city for several centuries.

A few centuries later, the Carolingian Palace was demolished due to dilapidation, and in the 15th century, the top of the Linderhof hill was planted with Linden trees. Since then, this place has become the center of public life in the city and just a favorite place to relax citizens. Various meetings and events are held here, as well as fairs.

In the center of Linderhof park, the Hedwig fountain (a woman with a spear in men`s clothing) was built in 1688, in memory of the siege of the city by the army of Albert of Habsburg in 1292. It is known that the women changed into men`s clothes and went out with the men to defend the city. Albert thought that the local army was too large and ordered a retreat.

In 1798, on the Linderhof hill, the inhabitants of Zurich took an oath of allegiance to the Constitution of the Republic of Helvetia. The southern part of the Park of Linderhof was built by the Masonic Lodge Modestia cum Libertate.