Zoological Museum in Zurich

On a high hill above the Old city is the University of Zurich. The University Zoological Museum is located in a separate building. It will be interesting to everyone who is interested in nature and the world around us. Whole families come here. Opened to the public for free, the Museum remains the University`s Department of natural Sciences.

The Museum is dedicated not only to Zoology, but also to paleontology, as there is a huge collection of various fossils of prehistoric creatures that are millions of years old. There are skeletons of dinosaurs and other creatures from the same period. Through a microscope, you can also look at the simplest organisms.

The Zoological Museum in Zurich also contains the skeletons and stuffed animals of several hundred animals and birds from all continents. In the great hall, you can see the skeletons of a mammoth and a giant deer, as well as a stuffed huge prehistoric sloth.