The left bank of the Don or Levberdon is a recreation area where the natives like to come in the evenings. This strip of bank stretches for 7 kilometers from the Voroshilovsky bridge to the Bystry island.

There you can find everything you need for active and night recreation: sand beaches, recreation camps, sport grounds, night clubs, etc. When you have a boat tour along the left bank of the Don, you can see this recreation area from the boat. You can see hotels, restaurants and landings with pleasure yachts. The restaurants on piles are full of people in the evenings. 

The street running along the low left bank of the Don is called Levoberezhnaya. Restaurants and the other amusement facilities are along this street. Each restaurant or a hotel isn’t a single building but an estate with a large territory. 

The restaurant «Old Mill» occupies the former building of a mill, as well as several pile buildings above the water. The restaurant «Cherkasskaya Stanitsa» was modeled after a Cossack estate. The restaurant «Levberdon» is one of the largest restaurants in Rostov. The restaurant «Peter`s Landing» was shaped as a three-masted frigate. You can even fire a gun there. The restaurant «Cossack village» was styled as a Cossack village. These are only some large restaurants. There are much more restaurants in the Levberdon.