Don Embankment in Rostov-on-Don

The Don embankment is quite rightly considered the main sight of the city. There are always a lot of people there, especially in summer evenings when the citizens come there to have a rest after a hot day. 

The riverside street that the embankment runs along stretches for 2 kilometers. But the busiest section (of 400 meters) is between Soborny and Gazetny lanes. Most of restaurants and cafes as well as landings are just in this place. Every hour a boat departs for a water tour along the left bank of the Don from each landing. 

If you want to have a walk on a landing, you should go just there. A big light and musical fountain is turned on there in the evening. The Don doesn’t seem wide in that place, but after the Voroshilovsky bridge the river is at least twice as wide. 

The shaping of the Don embankment began in 1811 but then it was not a place for walks. Temernitsky customs, the main one in the south of Russia, was in Rostov, so the place was occupied by cargo handling facilities and warehouses. The complete reconstruction of the embankment was undertaken only after the last war. The warehouses and cranes were moved to the eastern part of the city up the river and the embankment was turned into a place for walks.