A small Cathedral Lane stretches from Gorky Park to the Cathedral of the Nativity. It is marked on the map of the city in 1811. At that time there was no cathedral, and the lane itself was called Don Passage, since it was possible to go down to the embankment of the Don. 

In 1860, the Cathedral of the Nativity was built and the alley became quite small, but now you could admire the beautiful perspective of the cathedral here. In the Soviet years, it was renamed Podbelsky Lane, and became an ordinary small lane, as other hundreds lines in Rostov. However, in 2015, local authority decided to return it to its original appearance and make it completely pedestrian. 

Nowadays, a pedestrian zone has been created on Soborny Lane, which stretches for two blocks. The lane is very popular for romantic evening walks, as there are many cafes and recreation areas. It is very cozy here, because the atmosphere of the old town has been completely restored.