The Pokrovsky public garden is on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. It is small but very cozy. The Intercession church is in the center of the public garden. The monument of Empress Elizabeth who signed a decree on the foundation of Rostov-on-Don, is in front of the church. 

The Intercession church was moved there from Starocherkassk in 1761. It was one the first churches of the Rostov fortress. For a long time the church had the status of a fortress church, that is it was served by the military and the soldiers from the fortress barracks were its parishioners. Later, with increase in population of the city, it became a parish church. 

In the following century the Intercession church was repeatedly extended until at the beginning of 20 century it was decided to build a new church near it. So the New Intercession church appeared. In the 30th of the past century both churches were pulled down. The church was restored in this place only in 2005.

In the walking alley you can see a small monument to the first Rostov water supply system – a woman with a bucket near the municipal stand-pipe. There are a lot of flowerbeds and fountains in the public garden.