Several years ago there has been opened the Russia`s largest Oceanarium in Adler, which became a tourist attraction of Sochi. It is located on the territory of the Resort Town of Adler, to the south of the Central District of Sochi.

In 29 aquariums of the Oceanarium you can see thousands of various fishes, including those living among corals in tropical seas. An excursion starts in halls where there has been created the atmosphere of tropics: strong trees and tropical vegetation among which canals are made where fishes float.

In one of the halls of the Oceanarium there are open pools with a great number of Japanese goldish carps. If you want, you can feed them having bought the feed in a vending-machine. Aquariums are located in the ascending order from the smallest ones with small fishes to the big ones with sturgeons, piranhas, globefishes, catfishes, sea hedgehogs and so on.

Visitors are most impressed by the glass tunnel of the Oceanarium you can walk in and admire the underwater world with its inhabitants. In a giant aquarium there has been recreated the underwater world of a tropical island – coral reefs, drowned ships and chest with treasures. And against this background one can see cat sharks and reef sharks, as well as nurse sharks. There are big scates and morays, and simply huge fishes here.