Riviera Beach is the best beach in the Central district of Sochi. Its length is almost 500 meters, and the width is about 50 meters. There are no breakwaters that spoil the appearance of the Central Beach of Sochi. The beaches on the Sochi coast are usually pebbly, but the Riviera Beach is covered with sand mixed with small pebbles. The entrance to the sea is flat, so there are always a lot of families with children. 

On the eastern side, the Riviera Beach is bounded by the Sochi riverbed, and on the eastern side by the territory of the “Sochi” sanatorium. On the north side, the entire length of the beach is bordered by the Riviera Park. It is nice to relax in the shade of trees after swimming in the sea and sunbathing in the sun. The park itself has attractions for children, a Dolphinarium and an Oceanarium.  

The territory of the Riviera Beach occupies 1 hectare. There are several cafes and restaurants on it, as well as various sales and rental pavilions. In 2020, Riviera Beach was awarded one of the most honorable awards in the world – the Blue Flag, which testifies to the purity of the water and the high level of service and beach infrastructure.  

For Mediterranean resorts, getting such a flag is not a problem, but for Russian resorts, getting a Blue Flag is the result of significant work and investment. There are several Blue Flag beaches on the Sochi coast. The northernmost Russian beach with a Blue Flag is the Beach in the village of Amber, Kaliningrad region.  

On the Riviera beach, everyone can sunbathe directly on the sand. If you want a comfortable stay, you can sunbathe on sun loungers or even in separate gazebos. Nearby there is a fitness area and yoga classes. The steps of the summer stage rise above the beach, where discos are held in the evenings.