For many decades, the Sochi Marine Terminal has been the main symbol of the city. Its monumental building with a spire has always been the center of resort life for everyone who came here on vacation. After the 2014 Olympics, the Olympic Park became the second symbol of Sochi; however, the Marine Terminal remains the main point of attraction for tourists. 

The Sochi Marine Terminal was built in 1955. It became the last monumental building of the Stalin era, which was built in Sochi as part of the Stalin program for the development of the resort city of All-Union significance. At first, Resort Avenue was built under this program, which begins near the Riviera Park and stretches for 10 kilometers to Stalin`s Dacha in Matsesta. Then in 1934, a Winter Theater and an Art Museum were built on Resort Avenue in the style of ancient Greek temples. In the Seaside Park in 1936, the Primorskaya Hotel, a luxury hotel for those times, was built.  

The Marine Terminal began to be built under Stalin, but it was opened after his death. At first, the Marine Terminal worked according to its intended purpose. Tourists could buy tickets there for sightseeing ships that sailed along the coast of Sochi, as well as for intercity routes. From Sochi, it was possible to sail by ship to Gagra in Abkhazia and Batumi in Georgia. Ships were also sail from here to Novorossiysk, Crimea, and even to the Turkish Trabzon.  

The length of the Sea Terminal in Sochi is 114 meters, and the height of the spire reaches 38 meters. Like other buildings of that era, the Terminal has a monumental decor of sculptures and symbols in the style of the Stalinist Empire. The authors of the project were famous Soviet architects Karo Alabyan and Leonid Karlik. The spire of the Sochi Marine Terminal is the same dominant of the city as the spire of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg.  

According to its purpose, the Sochi Marine Station worked until the beginning of the 21st century. Over time, passenger transportation was transferred to the new Marine Terminal. As part of the reconstruction program of the Central District of Sochi for the 2014 Olympics, the marina of the Marine Terminal was reoriented for mooring private yachts. At the Marine Terminal, you can now only board small excursion ships that sail near the coast of Sochi. 

All areas of the Marine Terminal building were transferred to accommodate luxury brand boutiques. Part of the premises is intended for exhibitions. The interiors of the Terminal are preserved. Here you can see marble floors, majolica and precious wood panels on the walls.  

Near the Marine Terminal there is the South Mall Square, where the main city events and holidays take place. From here begins the Central embankment of Sochi, which stretches east for 3 kilometers to the Sochi Arboretum. On the west side of the Marine Terminal is the Riviera Park.