Southern Vegetation Park in Soch

The Southern Vegetation Park is located in the Adler district on the left Bank of the Mzymta river. The Olympic park is just 2.5 km away. The area around the Southern Vegetation Park was completely rebuilt before the Olympics, but the Park, which is more than 100 years old, was preserved.

Landscape Dendrological Park Southern Vegetation was founded in 1910 by General Daniil Drachevsky on the project of horticulturist-decorator Arnold Regel. Under the creation of the Park, the General gave the territory of 11 hectares of his estate “Sluchainoe”. There is a fairly large slope here, which made it possible to split several cascades.

In the southern part of the Park, an extensive parterre was created with two ponds – the Upper and Lower. The paths in this part have a regular layout. From the Upper pond, the path goes up the slope and here the layout of the Park is already landscape.

Thanks to the high range of the Caucasus mountains, Sochi has a subtropical climate, but the Southern Vegetation Dendrological Park is not only home to subtropical decorative trees, shrubs and flowers. In Soviet times, when the Park was no longer private property, it continued to develop actively. Many plants from other climatic zones were brought here and planted. This creates a very picturesque landscape.