Central Embankment of Sochi

The wide Central Embankment of Sochi stretches for 3 kilometers from the Marine Terminal to the Sochi Arboretum. At the same distance, the Central Sochi Beach runs along it. The embankment is wide enough; there are many cafes, restaurants and other shops necessary for a comfortable stay.  

The busiest part of the Sochi embankment is located near the Marine Terminal. In front of the Terminal is the South Mall square, where all the main entertainment events take place, there are many restaurants and cafes and there are always a lot of people in the evening. The Sochi Lighthouse, built in 1880, towers over the square.  

A wide Central Embankment is laid from the South Mall Square to the Pullman Hotel. Its width exceeds 200 meters. In this place, the Lighthouse beach is located under the embankment, but it is quite narrow, so some of the sun loungers are installed on the embankment in the lounge areas of restaurants and cafes.  

Behind the Pullman Hotel, the Central embankment of Sochi is getting narrower, and the beaches are wider. However, it is also nice to walk along the seashore. If desired, you can climb the high bank. There is a Seaside park there. In fact, it is also an embankment, but on a high bank. Seaside Park was originally designed as a Park-Boulevard, where tropical trees will be planted, benches will be installed. Now the atmosphere of the Seaside Park is conducive to evening walks.