Sochi Arboretum is rightly considered the country`s most famous botanical park. And it can be easily explained as it is the only subtropical zone in Russia where it is possible to grow plants and trees from all over the world.

Sochi Arboretum is in the south of the Central District of Sochi. Its lower section begins at the Resort Avenue, and the entire park is located on the rather steep slope of the hill. There is a cableway between the lower and upper sections of Sochi Arboretum.

So that you don’t get tired making a tour of Sochi Arboretum, you`d better use the cableway. Its lower terminal is at Sochi circus, and you should use it to ascend to the topmost section of the arboretum park. And it would be much easier and more convenient to start your tour of the park from there and then come down the hill. Otherwise, you will have to rather far climb up the road, as the territory of the park reaches the area of 49 hectares.

Sochi Arboretum was 115 years old in 2007. The arboretum was laid down by the publisher and playwright Sergey Khudekov in 1892. For his own money he acquired a lot of 50 dessiatinas  on the slope of the Lysaya (Bald) Hill and built there his summer residence now called «Villa Nadezhda» and began to actively buy and grow plants from all over the world.

Now, there are 24 kinds of palm, 80 kinds of oaks, 76 kinds of pines, a lot of subtropical plants, such as breadfruit tree, soapbark tree, coral tree, argan tree, strawberry tree, and many other plants in the park. Totally, there grow 1700 kinds of plants from different corners of the world in Sochi Arboretum.