Sochi Seaside Park is one of the oldest parks in the city. It stretches along the high coast of the Black Sea for almost 1 kilometer from the Festival Concert Hall to the Winter Theater. The Seaside Park was designed as a park-boulevard where residents and visitors of the city can walk among exotic trees and plants. 

Sochi Seaside Park was founded at the end of the 19th century. There used to be a wild forest here, it was cleared and walking alleys were designed. The park is located on the southern slope, so all the planted subtropical trees have taken root, and now the Seaside Park is a beautiful corner of vegetation of a subtropical climate.  

In addition to the traditional magnolias and cypresses for Sochi, various types of palm trees grow here, as well as more exotic araucaria, cycad palms, Japanese cryptomeria, more than 140 species of trees and plants in total. Benches are installed on the alleys, which offer beautiful views of the sea distances. At the foot of the Resort Park is the Central beach of Sochi

On the north side, hotels rise above the Seaside Park, which annually receive tens of thousands of vacationers. The first hotel in Seaside Park was built in 1936, as part of Stalin`s program for the development of Sochi as a resort city of All-Union significance. It was called Primorskaya, and for the 1930s it was a luxurious place. Its building has been preserved to this day, but now it is closed for reconstruction.  

Several modern hotels were built to the west of the Primorskaya Hotel, including those belonging to international chains: Hyatt Regency, Pullman, City park Hotel, Marines Park Hotel. These hotels have an excellent resort infrastructure that meets the highest international standards. 

Next to the hotels in Seaside Park is the Festival Concert Hall. It was built in 1979 as a summer outdoor hall. Concerts are held here daily during the summer season. In the cold season, concerts and performances are held in the Winter Theater, which was built back in 1936.  

Above the Festival Concert Hall there is a beautiful square, which is the westernmost part of the Seaside Park. People come here in the evening to watch the performance of the cascading light and music fountain. A monument to Vladimir Vysotsky was erected here in 2011. Resort Avenue is located nearby.