The main attraction of the Olympic Sochi, the Olympic Park, is located in the Imereti lowland. The main events of the XXII Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi were held here. According to many reviews, this was one of the best Olympics, and various competitions are still held in the Olympic stadiums.

The Olympic Park is located in the Adler district and is separated from Central Sochi by the Mzymta river. Its area is 200 hectares, and the stadiums themselves are located directly on the Black Sea seafront.

Medal Plaza is located in the center of the Olympic Park. There is a huge Olympic torch on it, and 5 stadiums are located around it. Around the Torch are Magic Fountains. During the Olympics, there were award ceremonies for the winners of various competitions.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics, as well as many competitions, were held at the main Fisht stadium. In translation from Adygean it means White Head. This is the name of the highest mountain (2867 m) of the Lago-Naki highlands of the Caucasus range in the Krasnaya Polyana region. Mount Fisht is believed to have been an island in the ancient Tethys ocean. This explains its coral structure and the presence of a large number of fossils on the slopes. Fisht stadium in the Sochi Olympic Park is really stylized as a "White head".

Other stadiums are smaller. There is an winter sports palace "Iceberg", an ice palace "Bolshoy", an indoor skating center Adler-Arena, a small hockey arena "Puck", an arena for curling "Ice Club". Some stadiums were redesigned for other purposes after the Olympics. For example, the Skating center now houses a Tennis Academy. The Curling arena became a venue for concert performances.

During the construction of stadiums, the Olympic Park project included the possibility of creating the Sochi Autodrom race track, where Formula 1 races can be held. Now one of the stages of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix races is held here every year.

Sochi Park is open next to the stadiums. This is an amusement Park with attractions. There is a Ferris wheel, museums, Dolphinarium, hotel complex Bogatyr. The Imereti seafront passes by Fisht stadium, where a lot of people always walk.