Agur waterfalls are one of the most interesting attractions of Sochi. Here you can see cascades of high waterfalls among picturesque rocks. In some places, there are natural baths where people bathe. Agur Waterfalls are located on the territory of the Sochi National Park

The entrance to the Agura Gorge, formed by the Agura River, is located 1.6 kilometers from the Black Sea coast, near Matsesta. There is a restaurant Caucasian Aul in front of the entrance to the gorge. Entrance to the gorge to the Agur waterfalls is paid. The ticket price is 200 rubles.  

At first, the trail goes along with a small climb. 430 meters from the entrance is the Devil`s Bath. It is a small waterfall with a height of 2 meters, which falls into a natural bath, squeezed between rocks. There are always a lot of people swimming here in the summer. The bath is very deep, so some people jump into the water from the rocks. 

After swimming in the Devil`s Bath, go further along the Agur gorge 1.4 kilometers to the waterfalls. The climb will be 120 meters. This is quite significant for untrained people. On the way you will see the Eagle Rocks from below, as well as the Wish Tree. The root of this tree split into two parts. At the bottom, it formed an arch, and the upper crown grows like an ordinary tree. Soon you will go out to a small lake and see the Lower Agur waterfall. It has two cascades with a height of 18 and 12 meters. The height of the two cascades of the Lower Agur Waterfall is 30 meters, and the height of the Upper Agur Waterfall is 21 meters. The Agur waterfalls can be called one of the highest in the Sochi National Park, along with the Polycaria Waterfall (70 m) and the Dragon`s Mouth Waterfall (40 m).  

You can look at the Upper Agur Waterfall only from the observation deck. It is impossible to go directly to the natural bath, where it falls, because of the steep cliffs. However, the Upper Agur Waterfall looks great from the observation deck. It flows down the rock in several streams, like a lion`s mane. From the observation deck, climb the path higher. A few dozen meters behind the upper waterfall, you will see an inconspicuous descent to the river. Be sure to go there. 

In this place, there is a canyon of the Agura River among white limestone rocks. This is one of the most picturesque places of the Agur gorge. The bends of the rocks with small waterfalls (2-3 meters) are very impressive here. There are holes in the rocks that look like large bowls. Here you can go to the edge of the cliff from where the Upper Agur Waterfall falls and see it from above. This is the most beautiful place of the Agur gorge for photo shoots.  

If you have no intention of going further to the Eagle Rocks, then after this canyon you can turn back and go to the exit of the gorge. The total length of this route is 2 km one way. The climb on this segment is quite decent - 200 meters. However, you will have to overcome the same ascent if you decide to climb the Eagle Rocks

Follow the path straight to the Eagle Rocks. After 300 meters, you will come to a glade, with the intersection of several paths. You need to turn up the mountain and start climbing. The distance from the glade to the Prometheus Sculpture on top of the Eagle Rocks is 800 meters, with a climb of 200 meters. Back from the Eagle Rocks, you can go down the same path through the Agura Gorge or go to the Matsesta Balneary, on the bank of the Matsesta River.