The dry Canyon of the Psakho River runs along the old riverbed. It is located 2 kilometers from the Wet Canyon of the Psakho River, where the river currently flows. The Dry Canyon is a narrow cleft between rocks. Its height reaches several tens of meters. 

The easiest way to get to the entrance to the Dry Canyon of the Psakho River is by car from the north. However, if you are ready to spend most of the day in these places, and you want to see the incredibly beautiful nature of the Sochi National Park, then you can start walking along the Wet Psakho Canyon. After two kilometers, near the waterfall, you need to turn to the Dry Canyon. Therefore, you will approach it from the south. 

Scientists are inclined to believe that the Psakho River changed its course due to an earthquake, but there is no confirmation of this. Perhaps this is due to the change in the relief of the mountains in prehistoric times, since there is a height difference of 120 meters between the dry and wet canyons. 

In the Dry Canyon, you can see relict trees that grow directly from the rocks. Their roots are in the cracks. Many stones and rock slopes are covered with moss due to the warm microclimate in the narrow cleft of the canyon. The Dry Canyon is almost always in semi-darkness, even in sunny weather. 

On average, the width of the Dry Psakho Canyon is 10 meters, but in one place the rocks almost close, leaving a passage of no more than two meters. Climbers often train on these rocks. 

The Dry Psakho Canyon is only 200 meters long. The trail passes among the rocks without a height difference. It is very easy even for children. The canyon is always dry even in rainy weather, in fact, that is why it is called the "Dry Canyon of the Psaho River", and where the river is called the "Wet Psakho Canyon".