The Miracle-Beauty waterfall is located in a small gorge between the villages of Volkonka and Soloniki, 6.5 kilometers from Lazarevskoye. Parking and ticket office in front of the entrance to the gorge are located directly on the highway that runs along the Black Sea coast. The waterfalls are located on the territory of the Sochi National Park

In guidebooks, this place is called "Miracle-Beauty Waterfall", although it is more correct to say "Miracle-Beauty Gorge", since there are two waterfalls here: Chilly and Beauty. Sometimes the Beauty waterfall is called Affectionate. You can read about the history of the appearance of this interesting name on the stands: in 1872, Afanasy Solyanik-Krasa bought the land east of the village of Lazarevskoye. This happened 15 years after the end of the Caucasian War and the gradual beginning of peaceful life in the Caucasus region.  

Afanasy Solyanik-Krasa built summer cottages here and rented them out to people who traveled along the Black Sea coast. He called his farm "Miracle-Krasovka". In Russian, a “Krasovka” can be heard as a “Beauty”. He also contributed to the development of the village of Soloniki, to the west of the gorge. In 1918, these lands were nationalized. The Bolsheviks decided to change the name, and the "Miracle-Krasovka" was changed to a more understandable expression: "Miracle-Beauty".  

The path to the waterfalls of the Miracle Beauty is very picturesque. The distance from the entrance to the gorge to the farthest point is 600 meters with a climb of 75 meters. Along the way you will see boxwood trees. Their branches, covered with moss, hang directly over the slopes of the gorge. Alas, these trees are gradually dying because of the firefly butterfly, whose larvae were brought to the 2014 Olympics on the roots of trees from Italy

The first on the trail is the Miracle-Beauty Waterfall. Its height is 12 meters. The Chilly waterfall is located upstream and has two cascades, but they are not high, about 5-6 meters. Also, from the natural bath of the Chilly Waterfall, you can look at the Miracle-Beauty Waterfall from above. In spring and summer, these waterfalls are very full-flowing, but by autumn they dry up.


An excursion to the Miracle Beauty Waterfall can be combined with a visit to the Crab Gorge, which is 8 kilometers away. The entrance to the Svir Gorge is located 10 kilometers away. There is a megalithic dolmen near the village of Volkonka, as well as a hydrogen sulfide spring.