The Svir Gorge is located in the west of the village of Lazorevsky, 1.3 kilometers from the Sochi highway, where urban transport runs. According to accessibility for individual excursions, the location of the Svir gorge is one of the most convenient. It can also be recognized as one of the most beautiful gorges of the Sochi National Park. Mamedovo Gorge and Crab Gorge are nearby. Trips through these gorges can be combined. 

In almost all gorges in the Sochi area, you can see the layered structure of marl slabs. However, there are places in the Svir Gorge where the layered slabs look absolutely incredible. One of the waterfalls from the top looks like the mouth of a fantastic animal. From the lower point, it is impossible to see it, as the water falls into a narrow canyon. Layers of marble slabs close into a hemisphere above it. 

The territory of the Svir gorge is huge. From the entrance to the gorge to the farthest Adam and Eve waterfall, walk 2.8 kilometers with a climb of 220 meters. If you decide to see absolutely all the sights of the Svir Gorge and walk to the Adam and Eve waterfall, then plan to visit the gorge most of the day, since these sights of the Svir Gorge are on different trails.

For most people, it is quite enough to visit the Svirsky waterfall and the Svirsky Canyon. At most, it makes sense to walk to the Mother-in-Law`s Tears waterfall. There is not much sense in going further to the Moonstone, the Glory Dolmen and the Adam and Eve Waterfall.  

Svir waterfall 

The Svir waterfall is the most famous part of the Svir Gorge. This place is visited by absolutely all tourists who come here. After entering the gorge, you have to walk 400 meters along the riverbed of the Svirka River. The path winds from one bank to the other and comes to a Picnic Glade. You will see tables and places for bonfires there.  

In this Glade, the path forked. The road goes straight to the Svir canyon and the Waterfall of the Mother-in-Law Tears, and turns right to the Svir waterfall. You have to turn right. The distance from the Picnic Glade to the waterfall is only 250 meters, and this is the most beautiful part of the Svir gorge. 

The path to the Svir waterfall passes in a very narrow gorge among high marl rocks. They have a traditional layered structure for these places. Plants similar to lianas hang from the rocks. In many places, the stones are covered with moss and ferns. A river flows along the bottom of the gorge, so wooden decking has been built to pass over the river.  

At the end of the path is the famous Svir waterfall. Its height reaches 7 meters. The waterfall falls into a deep font, where everyone can swim. The water temperature, like any mountain river, is quite cool, but on a hot summer day, there are always many people who want to swim. Layered rocks rise above the waterfall. They close in a semicircle, leaving only a narrow strip of light above the waterfall. 

After visiting the waterfall, you need to return to the Picnic Glade and go along the path in the direction of the Mother-in-Law Tears waterfall. 

Svir Canyon 

Svir Canyon is an approximately 100-meter section of the Svirka River, where you can see from the top point the incredibly beautiful waterfall where the river falls into a layered funnel. To see this miracle of nature, you must descend from the path that goes along the high bank at the inconspicuous sign "Svir Canyon". The canyon is not visible from the trail; so many people ignore this sign and go to the Mother-in-Law Tears waterfall. Therefore, they miss the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful sights of the Svir Gorge. 

Svir Canyon is 200 meters away, not reaching the waterfall of the Mother-in-law tears. When you go down into the Canyon, first go to the right. Here you will see a beautiful grotto with layered rocks and a small waterfall 2 meters high.  

Then go back and walk along the layered rocks to the funnel. The layered rocks where the river flows also look very beautiful, and the funnel where the water falls is generally amazing. Alas, it is not possible to see this waterfall from below, since the canyon is very narrow and there is no access to it. 

Remote sights of the Svir Gorge 

If you have seen the Svir waterfall and the Svir Canyon, then this is quite enough to get a complete picture of the Svir gorge. Some people reach the waterfall of Mother-in-law tears. It is not difficult to do this, since it is located 200 meters from the Svir Canyon. 

The waterfall of the Mother-in-law tears is a cascade about 5 meters high. It falls into the font, where many people bathe, although it is not easy to go down to this font. Just upstream of the Svirka River there are very picturesque stone rubble. We also recommend reaching them, as it is not difficult to do so. 

After that, you need to decide whether to go to the Glory Dolmen and Adam and Eve Waterfall. From the waterfall of the Mother-in-law tears to the Adam and Eve waterfall, there is another 1.2 kilometers to go with a climb of 120 meters. That is, you should be ready for a fairly long ascent along the mountain trail.  

From the entrance to the Svir gorge to the Adam and Eve waterfall is 2.8 kilometers. That is, there and back the road will be almost 6 kilometers. On the mountain trail, it will take several hours. The Adam and Eve double-pitched Waterfall is located in a grotto that the Svirka River broke through from the marl rock. Its height exceeds 3 meters, but it is not as impressive as the Svir waterfall.  

Dolmen Slava is located 640 meters from the Waterfall of Mother-in-law Tears. You need to go to it on a different path than to the Adam and Eve waterfall. This is a trough-shaped dolmen, whose age exceeds 3 thousand years. It is almost entirely underground and does not make any impression.  

There is a Moonstone next to the Dolmen in the Svir Gorge. From the side it looks like a stone throne. In fact, it is a large stone boulder with a pointed top. Some people talk about legends that stone fulfills wishes, tie ribbons next to it, but all this looks like stories to attract tourists.