The Dragon`s Mouth Waterfall is located in the middle between the coastal areas of Sochi and the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. Its height reaches 40 meters, so it is one of the highest waterfalls in the Sochi National Park. Sometimes the waterfall is called Deep Yar, after the river that falls from a high rocky cliff into the gorge. 

The Dragon`s Mouth Waterfall is located in a giant rock bowl (circus), which ends with a small gorge formed by the Deep Yar River. The length of the gorge from the Mzymta River to the rock bowl is 300 meters. The trail with a steep mountain slope is laid along a steep mountain wall (climb 110 meters). 

The Deep Yar River has two channels. Both channels fall into the bowl of the gorge with high waterfalls. A secondary channel flows along the surface of the rock and falls down a waterfall of 40 meters. Its height is impressive, but the power decreases by the end of summer, and in August you can see only small jets or even drops here.  

If you go deep into the stone bowl, you will see a cave with dark blue water. All the stones at the edges of the cave are covered with green moss. This is the Dragon`s Mouth. The noise of another waterfall is heard inside the cave. There is information that its approximate height is 18 meters, but it is impossible to get to it without risking your life. There the river flows through underground channels, from which it is impossible to get out.  

A stalagmite forms under the jets of the high waterfall Dragon`s Mouth, and in the center of the stone bowl there is a small lake with icy water. However, this does not stop those who want to swim in it. 

If you are going to the Dragon`s Mouth Waterfall from the Sochi Olympic Park, along the New Krasnopolyansky Highway, then at kilometer 25 you need to turn left to the Sochi Rafting base on Lesozavodskaya Street. There is paid parking here. The distance from the ski resorts on Krasnaya Polyana to the waterfall is 27 kilometers. Alternatively, you can park your car in the parking lot on the opposite bank of the Mzymta River in the Monastery village. From the parking lot to the entrance to the Dragon`s Mouth gorge, you need to go under the overpass of the highway 900 meters. Here are the ticket offices. The ticket price is 200 rubles.

It is convenient to combine a trip to the Dragon`s Mouth Waterfall with a visit to the Wet Canyon of the Psakho River and the Dry Canyon of the Psakho River. The distance from them to the Monastery village is 11 kilometers. If you want to add active entertainment on this day, you can also visit the SkyPark at the top of the Akhshtyr Gorge or the Akhshtyr cave. They are located 11 kilometers from the waterfall, near the village of Cossack Ford.