Crab Gorge is located in the Lazarevsky district of Sochi. This is a small gorge among marl rocks with crystal clear water and picturesque waterfalls. Crab Gorge got its name due to the small freshwater crabs that are found in its waters. In 1983, it was incorporated into the Sochi National Park

The beginning of the trail to the Crab Gorge is located near the Psezuapse River, 2 kilometers from the Sochi highway, where you can catch a shuttle buses. By private car, you can get to Kalarash Street and park close to house No. 170. This is an industrial zone of the Lazarevsky district.  

From the parking lot to the entrance to the Crab Gorge, you need to walk along a forest trail 850 meters. There are no attractions at this distance. Sometimes locals offer to ride this distance on a horse. After that, you will come to the entrance to the gorge, where you need to buy tickets (the ticket price in 2021 was 200 rubles). 

From this place, the route begins inside the Crab Gorge. The trail goes along the high bank of the stream, from where you have to go down to various fonts. The length of the Crab Gorge from the entrance where tickets are bought to the furthest Font of the Emerald is only 500 meters.  

The first from the entrance is the Font of Mermaids, then the Font of Adam. After these two fonts, the trail crosses a stream. This place is the most beautiful part of the Crab Gorge. First, you need to go down to him from below. Here visitors can see a very narrow canyon between marl rocks and a low waterfall in the distance. The photo of this canyon is usually used by travel agencies for their guidebooks.  

Then return to the trail and walk on. After a few tens of meters, the trail crosses a stream. Here you can see the Crab Gorge from above. A bridge is laid over the canyon, which is called the Bridge of Desires. It used to be wooden, and it does not look very stable. People tied ribbons on it and made wishes. In 2021, a more reliable bridge made of iron structures appeared here. If you look down from it, in some places you will see a very deep canyon. Its depth from the bridge to the bottom is more than 30 meters. There are also high waterfalls, but they are almost invisible from the bridge.  

After the bridge, the trail goes along the left bank of the stream. Along the way, you will meet the Waterfall of Desires and the furthest font Emerald with a small waterfall. The font is deep enough, and if desired, you can swim in it. After that, the equipped trail ends. 3-4 hours will be enough to visit the gorge.