Mammadov Gorge is located near the main highway, which is laid along the Black Sea coast. Near the village of Mammadov`s Slot, the road makes a bend in the gorge of the Kuapse River. The nature of this gorge is very beautiful, so three tourist routes were created in it: Mammadov Gorge, Legends of Mammad and Berendeyevo Kingdom. All three routes are located on the territory of the Sochi National Park.

The main route along the Mammadov Gorge is the farthest of the three. The entrance to the Berendeyevo Kingdom is located directly on the Sochi highway. It is necessary to drive 1.4 km along Rucheynaya Street to the Mammad’s Tears Waterfall. To the Mammadov Gorge itself, you need to drive another 1 kilometer. Near the entrance to the gorge you will see the cafe "U Leshego" and Parking. Cross the bridge to the ticket offices at the entrance to the Gorge. The entrance ticket costs 200 rubles.  

The route along the Mammadov Gorge is circular, however, the last 300 meters go directly along the riverbed. At first, the trail goes uphill to three waterfalls.  You need to walk along the right bank of the Kuapse River 800 meters with a climb of 60 meters. This part of the route is not of particular interest, as it goes through the forest.  

The sights of the Mammadov Gorge begin at three waterfalls, which one after another flow down the mountain slope. The height of these waterfalls in the Mammadov Gorge reaches 10-12 meters. On the slopes of the mountains where the water flows, you can see the similarity of travertines with calcareous deposits of dark color.  

The waterfalls of the Mammadov Gorge have sonorous names: Happiness, Youth and Love. At the foot of each waterfall there are natural baths where everyone can swim, naturally, having made a wish before that. If there are a lot of wishes, then you can swim in all three waterfalls. There is a Waterfall of Happiness at the bottom, go up the stairs, there is a Waterfall of Youth waiting for you, go further up, there is a Waterfall of Love.  

After bathing, or at least wetting your hands, in the topmost Waterfall of Love, follow the path to the Canyon. It is laid along the high bank of the river from the opposite side. Soon you will see a sign "Canyon", where will be a staircase. It is necessary to go down to the riverbed of the Kuapse River. Here begins the most beautiful part of the Mammadov Gorge. 

You will walk along a narrow canyon, sandwiched among layered marl rocks. Near the stairs is the most famous waterfall of the Mammadov Gorge - Mammad`s Whiskers. It really looks like a mustache, just like the Mammad’s Tears waterfall looks like a crying old man. Next to it you will see layered white rocks that rise above the river in a beautiful semicircle. This place is called the White Hall. 

In the White Hall, the Kuapse River makes a beautiful bend around the rock. Take a walk along the gorge for at least a hundred meters. Behind each turn of the rocks you will see very beautiful bends of the river between layered rocks. This part of the route goes directly along the bed of the mountain river. There is no path here; you will have to go jumping from stone to stone.  

Comfortable sports shoes for an excursion to the Mammadov Gorge are absolutely necessary, otherwise it will be difficult to walk along the riverbed.  In some places, you will have to take off your sneakers and walk barefoot in knee-deep water so as not to wet your shoes. If you take rubber slippers with you, it will be more convenient to walk on the stones.  

If you have the time and the opportunity to walk 300 meters along the river, you can use it to exit the gorge. But it`s not easy, so after walking along the river in the White Hall area, it`s easier to go back to the Moustache Mammad waterfall. Here you can climb up the stairs and head to the exit of the Mammadov Gorge along the main trail.