Berendeyevo Kingdom Gorge in Sochi

The entrance to the Berendeyevo Kingdom Gorge is located directly on the highway that runs along the Black Sea coast, near the village of Mamedov`s Slot. The Berendeyevo Kingdom route runs along the bed of a small stream Lel, which flows into Kuapse. Nearby you can visit the Mammadov Gorge on the Kuapse River.  

The Berendeyevo Kingdom Gorge formed along the streambed from east to west. Thus, it is protected from cold winds. Thanks to this, a special subtropical microclimate with lush vegetation has been formed here. Mammadov Gorge, located in the immediate vicinity, is oriented from north to south, like most gorges on the Black Sea coast and there is no such vegetation there. 

Leaving the car in the parking lot near the highway, go down the steep stairs to the stream. Here you will see a small park for children with wooden figures from the fairy tale about Berendey. In the center there is a Berendey Throne, where all children like to be photographed. There is a cafe nearby. 

The circular route "Berendeevo Kingdom" is not very long. From the entrance to the gorge to the farthest point, the waterfall Beard of Berendey, only 400 meters. The climb on this segment will be 70 meters. The total route along the trail in the Berendeyev Kingdom will be about 1 kilometer and in some places you will find very steep stairs. 

On the path that goes along the Lel stream, you will see several waterfalls: Nameless, Kupava, Snow Maiden, Cup of Love, Tears of the Snow Maiden, Emerald. The gorge ends with a high wall, where the cascading waterfall Beard of Berendey flows in thin streams. Its height reaches 27 meters.  

All these waterfalls are not very powerful, sometimes they are thin, barely noticeable jets. However, the main interest in the Berendeyevo Kingdom gorge is the vegetation that surrounds the waterfalls. It is really very beautiful. There are many plants that look like lianas. They descend the mountain slopes in long strands.  Ferns, mosses and other flowers and plants of the subtropical zone grow among these lianas. 

After climbing the stairs to the upper platform above the waterfall Beard of Berendey, you need to return to the entrance to the gorge on the high bank of the stream. If you have the desire and time, then the path to the right goes towards the Svir Gorge, one of the most beautiful gorges in the Sochi National Park.  

You need to walk 1.5 kilometers, and you will go to the waterfall of the Mother-in-law tears, and then to the Svir waterfall. However, such a walk makes sense only if you are a lover of hiking and you do not have a car. These two gorges are located next to each other. By car, the distance on the road between them is 4.5 kilometers.