For several decades Anapa has been considered one of the best children`s resorts on the Black Sea. Various entertainment centers for children were built here, although nature created the best conditions for children`s recreation in Anapa. The tourist infrastructure of Anapa can be recognized as one of the most developed on the Black Sea in Russia, and nowadays it refers not only to children`s recreation.  

The city of Anapa is located in the very west of the Caucasian coast of Russia, near the Taman Peninsula. The Caucasian Mountain range begins on the southern outskirts of Anapa (a stele is installed there). However, the area in the vicinity of Anapa is more hilly. The height of the “mountains” here does not exceed 100-200 meters. Among these mountains there are many valleys where grapes are grown. Winemaking is actively developing in the region. There are many different cafes and restaurants with fine cuisine in Anapa. 

Sandy beaches of Anapa 

The main advantage of Anapa over all the resorts of the Caucasian coast and Crimea is the magnificent sandy beaches. In other resorts of the Black Sea, the beaches are mostly pebbly. In Anapa, a wide beach with fine golden sand stretches along the entire coast. Near the village of Vityazevo (western suburb of Anapa), the width of the beach reaches 150 meters. There are no concrete breakwaters in Anapa that spoil the landscape of the coast. 

Pioneer Avenue stretches for 10 kilometers along the coast to the north from the central quarters of Anapa. In Soviet times, several dozen pioneer camps and guest houses with specific names were built on both sides of the avenue: Happy childhood, Chamomile, the Sun, as well as Miner`s glory, Kuban oilman, Metallurgist. Our "happy childhood", as well as the pioneer camps, are in the past. In their place, modern spa facility and hotels with their own territory have appeared. 

Another advantage of Anapa beaches for children`s recreation is a gently sloping entrance to the sea on a sandy bottom. When entering the sea for several tens of meters, children can safely swim in shallow water without much risk. 

Kamka algae in Anapa

In recent years, a problem has appeared in Anapa that can overshadow the vacation. In July-August, the green algae kamka may appear on some beaches of Anapa. It is not dangerous for the skin; however, if there are a lot of these algae in water, it creates emotional discomfort. Algae is cleaned daily on the Central Beach of Anapa, so there are no such problems here, but algae is cleaned less often on other beaches. It gets dirty on the beach, and you have to be mentally prepared for this. It is better to find out about the presence or absence of algae in advance from the locals.  

To the east of Anapa are the resorts Sukko and Great Utrish. Its beaches are covered with small pebbles, so there are never algae there. In Dzhemete and Vityazevo, the western suburbs of Anapa, the situation with kamka is not widespread. Even when there is a kamka in Anapa, it does not appear on some beaches of Vityazevo. 

Quartz sand of Anapa beaches 

It is necessary to mention the famous quartz sand of Anapa. In many places of the wide beach of Pioneer Avenue there are dunes, as in the Baltic Curonian Spit. Quartz sand is almost everywhere on these beaches. It is very good for health. Moms often sprinkle quartz sand on their children when they sunbathe on the beach. It warms up, restores and heals the child`s body. For adults, this sand is also very healthful. 

In addition to quartz sand, there are lakes and mud volcanoes on the beaches of Anapa near the village of Vityazevo. There are large reserves of therapeutic mud. If desired, in sanatoriums you can make mud treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Mud volcanoes can be visited individually. 

Nightlife in Anapa 

In recent years, Anapa has become not only a resort for children. Everyone who likes to combine a beach holiday with an active nightlife and visiting restaurants and cafes of fine cuisine comes here. Most of the nightclubs and discos are located near the embankment, not far from the Gorgippia Museum.  

To the west of Anapa are the resort villages of Dzhemete and Vityazevo. The resort atmosphere, restaurants and clubs are no worse there than in Anapa. Many adult couples prefer to come there, as the nightlife is even more active.   

Excursions from Anapa 

One of the most popular excursions from Anapa is a trip to the villages Sukko and Great Utrish. In the evening, many people go to the viewing points, south of Anapa. There are two most famous sites in this place: Swallow`s Nests and 800 steps. From them you can admire the sunset when the sun sets directly into the sea. 

In the village Sukko there is the famous Lake Sukko, where swamp cypresses, brought from North America, grow. There is a small beach on the lake, as well as boat rentals. You can go by boat to the cypresses. There is an African Village and Lion`s Head Castle near Lake Sukko, where African Village and Lion`s Head Castle, where shows are held in the evenings. There is a beautiful pebble beach in Sukko, where Mount Soldier and Mount Economic tower. There are hiking trails on them.  

The village Great Utrish is known for the Utrish Dolphinarium. It was founded in 1985, one of the first in Russia. Tourists from all the surrounding resorts come to the performances of this dolphinarium, although there are their own dolphinariums in these resorts. You can also visit the Utrish Nature Reserve here to see the forests of relic junipers. For many years, there was a camping site on the area of the reserve, where communes of nudists and informal people lived in tents. However, after the fire in 2020, free entry to the Utrish Reserve is prohibited. Now it can be visited only as part of an excursion.  

Many tourists visit the Abrau-Durso estate. The Abrau-Durso Champagne Vinery is located on the shore of the picturesque Abrau Lake. The history of winemaking in Abrau-Durso dates back more than a hundred years, when Duke Lev Golitsyn founded wineries in his estates of the Crimea (Novy Svet) and near Novorossiysk (Abrau-Durso). An excursion to Abrau-Durso can be combined with a visit to Novorossiysk. 

There are several natural attractions on the Taman Peninsula. In the Akhtanizovsky lake, not far from the village of Golubitskaya, there is the famous Valley of Lotuses. You can visit it by motor boat to see the fields of lotuses that bloom from late July to mid-August.  

There are several mud volcanoes nearby. The most famous and well-maintained is the mud volcano Tizdar. Further to the east is the Mud Volcano Plevak. There is no tourist infrastructure there and no fee is charged for visiting it, so the Plevak volcano can be called a natural attraction. 

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There are always a lot of people on the Central beach of Anapa in the summer season
Brig with Scarlet sails on the Anapa Embankment
Children vacationing in the dunes with quartz sand on the Pioneer Avenue of Anapa
Sandy beaches on the coast of Pioneer Avenue in Anapa
From the hotels to the sea in Vityazevo, you need to go through the dunes and a wide beach about 400-500 meters
Swallows` nests - the best viewing point in Anapa
The lotus is a sacred flower for many Eastern religions, especially in Buddhism
Pebble beach Utrish in the village of Bolshoy Utrish, near Anapa
People taking procedures in the mud baths of the Hephaestus volcano, near the city of Temryuk
The crater of the mud volcano Tizdar, where people take mud treatments
Utrish Dolphinarium is one of the oldest dolphinariums in Russia
The canyon in the Utrish Nature Reserve was formed 3 thousand years ago when the mountain split as a result of an earthquake
Swamp cypresses on Lake Sukko are one of the most famous attractions outside of Anapa
The oldest juniper in Russia in the Utrish Nature Reserve is more than 700 years old
Slides and pools in the Golden Beach Water Park in Anapa
Kitesurfing fans on the waves of the Black Sea on the Bugaz spit
Sculpture White hat in the Park of the 30th anniversary of Victory in Anapa
Entrance to the Golden Beach Water Park from the Anapa embankment
Children`s attractions on the Central beach of Anapa
Hotels on the site of the former pioneer camps on the Pioneer Avenue of Anapa
View from the high Anapa Embankment to the yacht club
Mabi Night Club on Anapa Embankment
The foundations of the buildings of the ancient city of Gorgippia, which was part of the Bosporus Kingdom in the 4th century BC
The active mud volcano Plevak on the Taman Peninsula, 80 km from Anapa
The village of Varvarovka is located in the valley of the Semisamovsky mountain range, near the city of Anapa
View of the Varvarovskaya Crack beach and the mountain range where the village of Varvarovka is located
The viewing point Swallow`s Nests near Anapa looks like the scenery of the movie Star Wars
The peninsula near the mouth of the Anapa River, where the Children`s Park is located
Pebble beach Utrish in the village of Great Utrish, near Anapa
View of the beach in the village of Sukko from the Economic Mountain
Juniper forest at the top of Soldier Mountain in the village of Sukko
The Russian Gate in the Park of the 30th anniversary of Victory has been preserved from the Turkish fortress of 1783
The Cathedral of St. Onuphrius in Anapa is the first Christian church in the city, founded after the storming of the Turkish fortress in 1828