For several decades Anapa was considered to be one of the best children resorts at the coast of the Black Sea, and recently the emphasis on children`s recreation was made even more evident. There are built actively various aqua parks and children`s entertainment centers, although the best conditions for children`s recreation in Anapa were created just by nature itself.

The city of Anapa is in the northernmost part of Russian Black Sea Coast, in the immediate proximity of the bridge to the Crimea. The mountain ranges of the Caucasus end a hundred kilometers to the north, so you can see nothing but stony steppe here, which is alternated with valleys where grape is raised.

The main advantage of Anapa over all the other resorts of the Caucasian Coast and the Crimea is excellent sand beaches. At the other resorts of the Black Sea beaches are mainly pebbled. Both within the city boundaries and all along Pioneer Avenue, there stretches a wide beach with fine golden sand. At Vityasevo, where Pioneer Avenue is ended, in places the beach reaches the width of about 120 meters.

There are no concrete breakwaters spoiling the coastal landscape (and representing a danger for children), and there are a lot of seashells in the sand that children are as fond of collecting, and generally, seaside holidays in Anapa will be a real pleasure for children.

Pioneer Avenue stretches for 10 kilometers along the coast, to the north of city quarters of Anapa. In the Soviet period there were built several dozens of pioneer camps and sanatoriums on both sides of this avenue. All of them had characteristic names: Happy Childhood, Romashka (chamomile), and Solnyshko (sun), as well as Miner`s Glory, Kuban`s Oilman, and Metallurgist. Surely, our «happy childhood», as well as pioneer camps, is left in the past, and the latter were replaced by modern health camps and sanatoriums with their own premises.

The beaches of Anapa have one more feature, which is favorable for children, - gently sloping coasts. That is, when going into the sea for several dozens of meters children can still safely bathe in shallow waters. Depth is increasing gradually at all beaches of Anapa.

Also, you can`t but mention the famous glass silica sand of Anapa. In many places of the wide beach that stretches along Pioneer Avenue there are sand dunes, the same as in the Baltic Kurshskaya Kosa, and silica sand is almost everywhere. Mothers often sand their children when they get browned on the beach. It warms, restore and cure children`s organism. Besides, this sand is very good for adults too.

If healing and health restoration, especially that of children, are of any importance for you, then near the settlement Vityasevo there are coastal salt lakes (limans), having large supplies of liman and knoll therapeutic muds. So, if you wish, you can visit peloid procedures for musculoskeletal [apparatus] system at sanatoriums.

However, you shouldn’t think that you can go to Anapa only with children. Everyone goes there who love seaside vacations. In Anapa itself, as well as in the suburban settlements Dzhemete and Vityasevo, there are a number of places for quite adult entertainments – restaurants, clubs and the very resort atmosphere, which favorable for making friends. By the way, in this respect, Dzhemete and Vityasevo are probably more preferable as you could better feel resort atmosphere just in small settlements filled with tourists than in major cities, and Anapa is still a fairly large city.

The most popular out-of-town excursion will be a trip to the open-air dolphinarium. It is located in the neighbourhood of the settlement Bolshoi Utrish. Also, they often go to Abrau-Durso. This is considered to be the center of Russian champagne wine making. The winery of Abrau-Durso is on the shore of very picturesque Abrau Lake. The history of wine making in Abrau-Durso has begun several centuries ago when the prince Lev Sergeevich Golitsyn built wineries at his estates in the Crimea (Novy Svet) and near Novorossiysk (Abrau-Durso). Museum and tasting room in Abrau-Durso has been opened since 1974.

As to the other interesting out-of-town excursions, you can mention the plateau Lago-Naki in Adygei, winery Chateau Le Grand Vostock, Snake Lake, Shugo mud volcano, Neberdzhay Valley, and waterfalls on the river Zhane near Gelendzhik.

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There are quite many people at the beach of Anapa in summer.
Quarz sand at the Pioneer Prospect (Avenue) of Anapa is useful for children.
The biggest aqua park and wide sand beach is in the center of Anapa.
Anapa embankment.
Pioneer Prospect (Avenue) and broad beach stretch for 17 km to the north from Anapa.
Sand dunes of the beach at the Pioneer Prospect (Avenue) in Anapa.
All beaches of Anapa have children entertainments.
In the recent years there have been built a lot of resort hotels in Anapa.
Mabi Club in the embankment of Anapa is open all night.
Promenades of Anapa.
Huge dancing club `Steamboat` in the embankment of Anapa.
There are always a lot of vacationers in the embankment of Anapa.
Anapa water entertainment park.
Central municipal beach of Anapa is always fairly crowded.
White Hat Monument is a local landmark often photographed by tourists.
There are many entertainment establishments at the embankment in the west of Anapa.
Brigantine with scarlet sails at the embankment of Anapa.
Square in front of the entrance to the central beach of Anapa.
There are a great number of people at the central beach of Anapa in the high season.
Beach at the Pioneer Prospect (Avenue) stretch for several kilometers and has a lot of secluded places.
Pioneer Prospect (Avenue) beach is about a hundred meters wide.
Vacationers at the Pioneer Prospect (Avenue) beach in the rays of the setting sun.
Every day various performances are held on the summer stage in Anapa.
Circus arena in the heart of Anapa.
Anapa embankment.
Summer cafes and clubs in Anapa embankment.
Park hotel in Anapa embankment.
Golden Beach Aqua Park in the center of Anapa.
Entrance to Santa-Fe Beach in Anapa.
Tunnel Oceanarium in Anapa embankment.