The Bolshoi Theatre, one of the world famous opera and ballet theatres, is near Okhotny Ryad on Theatre Square. Of course, it owes its fame to the Russian ballet school being one of its centers.

The idea of the «big» theatre in Moscow appeared in the reign of Empress Catherine in 1776. It was suggested by Prince Pyotr Urusov who was also a provincial procurator. That year on March 28 Catherine granted him the «privilege to arrange performances and masked balls.» And the history of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre began on that day.

Of course, the first theatre building was different from the today building. Moreover, it was severely damaged during the fires of 1806 and 1812. The construction of the new building begun in 1820. It was designed by Joseph Bove who was then the main architect engaged in the reconstruction of Moscow after the fire of 1812. The opening of the new building was marked by the performance «Celebration of Muses» in 1825. Today we can see just that building.

By the beginning of the 21 century the building of the Bolshoi Theatre required a serious reconstruction. However, before the closing of the old stage it was decided to build a new one.

It was opened in 2002 with the opera «The Snow Maiden» by Rimsky-Korsakov. The reconstruction of the main stage of the Bolshoi Theatre was finished 9 later.