The Museon, one of the most interesting parks of Moscow, is on the embankment of the Moscow River, near the Gorky Park and the western side of Balchug Island. The Central House of Artist is at the park. The exhibitions of the Tretyakov Gallery are held there. However, the most interesting is to have a walk in the alleys of the park among hundreds of monuments of the Soviet period, which were moved there from all over the country.

The larger part of the most interesting sculptures is in the north of the park, nearer to the giant monument to the Russian Fleet, the work of the famous Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, which was placed in the bed of the Moscow River, not far from Balchug Island. The height of the monument is 98 meters, with the height of the sculpture of Peter I reaching 18 meters. It is one of the ten highest monuments in the world.

In the alleys of the Museon you can see the monuments to many notorious figures of the Soviet period, including those which aren`t very popular in modern society, such as the monuments to Stalin and Dzerzhinsky. Previously, the monument to Dzerzhinsky was on the Lubyanka Square in front of the building of KGB. It was dismantled in 1991, after the collapse of the USSR. It was an evidence of changes but the dismantled monument wasn`t destroyed. It was moved to the Museon.

Since that time many other monuments, as well as the objects of monumental propaganda of the Soviet period, were brought there. Now there are over 700 monuments at the Museon. So it can be quite rightly considered an open-air museum of the Soviet period. Anyway, the Soviet period is a part of the history of Russia, and it is very interesting to see the monuments of that time in a comfortable atmosphere of a Moscow park.