Moscow University on the Sparrow Hills

The central building of Moscow State University (MGU) on the Sparrow Hills is one of seven Stalin Skyscrapers. It is one of the most famous and tallest of them. To a degree, the university is one of the symbols of Moscow.

The building of university is on the Sparrow Hills, the tallest point of Moscow. That’s why its outline can be seen from virtually any place, even the remotest districts of Moscow.

The university reaches the height of 240 meters (36 floors). After the finishing its construction in 1953 for over 37 years the university was the tallest building in Europe, until the Messetrum Office Building was erected in Frankfurt-on-the-Maine in 1990.

The strongest features of Stalin Empire Style are felt in the entire building. The entrance columns look especially impressive. Near the main building there located the territory of Moscow University with 27 buildings of various departments.

The building of the university is facing the huge alley of several hundred meters long leading towards the Moscow River. And not far from the river, on the steep slope there stands the Observation Deck of Sparrow Hills. It is the mandatory visiting point of all guided Moscow tours.

From this observation deck one can have a fairly beautiful view of the huge expanse of Moscow. At the very foot of the observation deck, on the opposite bank of the Moscow River, one can see the Luzhniki Stadium, and beyond it - all buildings of the city center, including the cathedrals of Moscow Kremlin and Novodevichy Convent, the Temple of Christ the Savior.