Most museums of the world contain the collections of art of different countries: Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, etc. But the Tretyakov Gallery has very narrow specialization – there kept a huge collection of Russian painting from the first portraitists of the beginning of XVIII century to the painters of the Soviet period.

It was called after the merchant Paul Tretyakov who gave to Moscow his collection of Russian painting in 1892. Actually, it was just the collection that became the foundation of what the Tretyakov Gallery is today.

The Tretyakov Gallery is of a great interest for all foreign tourists who want to make a closer acquaintance with the cultural life of Russia. At least as interesting collection of Russian painting is kept at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

At the gallery one can see both small pictures and portraits and vast canvases of the famous Russian painters: Surikov, Repin, Brulov, Aivazovsky, Ivanov, Vasnetsov, Shishkin, Vereshchagin and many others.

The exposition of ancient Russian art is located in several dozens of halls in a separate building. There one can see a big collection of ancient icons, as well as religious objects.

Apart from the halls of ancient Russian art, the Tretyakov Gallery has the Family Chapel of St. Nicolas the Miracle-Maker at Tolmachi. Religious services are constantly conducted there, and in-between the services the temple is open for visitors of the Tretyakov Gallery. The church has a great number of most valuable Russian icons, including the most sacred thing of the Russian Church – the Icon of the Mother of God of Vladimir. The icon was painted by the evangelist St. Luke and was brought to Russia from Byzantine Empire in XII century.

Photo Gallery
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Bogatyrs by Vasnetsov V.M., 1889, Tretyakov Gallery
Front door of the Tretyakov State Gallery
Trinity by Andrei Rublyov, Tretyakov Gallery
Appearance of Christ Before the People by Ivanov, the biggest picture at the Tretyakov Gallery
Entrance to the Tretyakov Gallery
Portrait of А.S. Pushkin by Kiprensky О.А., 1827, Tretyakov Gallery
Morning in a Pine Forest by Shishkin I.I., 1889, Tretyakov Gallery
Rye by Shishkin I.I., 1878, Tretyakov Gallery
Rainbow by Aivazovsky, 1873, Tretyakov Gallery
Horsewoman by Brullov К.P., 1832, Tretyakov Gallery
Portrait of М. I. Lopukhina by Borovikovsky V.L., 1797, Tretyakov Gallery
Sketches of church painting at Tretyakov Gallery
Apotheosis of War by Vereshchagin V.V., 1871, Tretyakov Gallery
The Birch Grove by Kuindzhi А.I., 1889, Tretyakov Gallery
Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf by Vasnetsov V.М., 1880, Tretyakov Gallery
Famous pictures of Surikov «Feodosia Morozova» and «Morning of Streltsy`s execution» at the Tretyakov Gallery
Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan on November 16th, 1581 by Repin I.Е., 1885, Tretyakov Gallery
Peter the Great Interrogating the Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich at Peterhof by Ge N.N., 1871, Tretyakov Gallery
Moscow Courtyard by Polenov V.D., 1878, Tretyakov Gallery 
March by Levitan I.I., 1895, Tretyakov Gallery 
Evening Bells by Levitan I.I., Tretyakov Gallery 
Golden Autumn by Levitan I.I., 1895, Tretyakov Gallery 
Vrubel Room at the Tretyakov Gallery
Pictures of Grabar I.I. (1871-1960 гг) at the Tretyakov Gallery
Girl with Peaches by Serov V.А., 1887, Tretyakov Gallery 
Beauty by Kustodiev, 1915, Tretyakov Gallery
Ancient Rus Icon Painting Room at the Tretyakov Gallery
St. Nicolas Church at Tolmachi where the Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir is kept