The central part of Volgograd extends for tens of kilometers along the Volga, from Mamayev Kurgan to the riverside station, however, only about 3 kilometers of the embankment have been landscaped, a stretch from the Square of the Fallen Fighters and the Alley of Heroes, the one defended by the 62nd Army, to the Museum of the Stalingrad Battle. The embankment bears the name «62nd Army».

The embankment opposite the Alley of Heroes is often called the Central Embankment. During the war, it was the main place where the troops were taken over on the right bank of the Volga and the inhabitants of Stalingrad – on the safe left bank of the river.

The 62nd Army Embankment can be approached by the Alley of Heroes giving on the Upper Embankment where one can see the Art Fountain. A bit farther on, near a descend to the Lower Embankment, one can see the Propylaea. 

The Propylaea are two ancient Greek porticos consisting of eight columns each. A big downward stair is near the Propylaea. The river port of Volgograd is on the right of the stair and a big, landscaped Lower Embankment of some 3 kilometers is on the left of the stair. The amusement park is in the embankment. It is there that the landing of pleasure boats to the Volga hydro-electric power station is located.