The Alley of Heroes is in the center of Volgograd, at the main crossing of Soviet troops during the Battle of Stalingrad. After the crossing the soldiers climbed up the high bank of the Volga river, with German fortifications already in place.

The bloodiest events of the Battle of Stalingrad took place just in that place, as the main gun power of German artillery was aimed at the crossing. And you had also to climb up the high bank of the Volga and to go into action with the Germans. German positions were only several hundred meters away.

Now the Alley of Heroes is a boulevard planted with trees. It connects the Embankment of the 62nd Army and the Square of the Fallen Fighters. In the lower part of the alley are the steles in honour 127 Heroes of the Soviet Union. There are names of those who obtained the title for the participation in the Battle of Stalingrad, as well as the citizens of Volgograd who obtained it later.