The Stalin Museum in Volgograd is located on the southern slope of Mamayev Kurgan. The most convenient way to get to it is from the All-Holy Church. The Joseph Stalin Museum is located in the basement of the house near the parking lot. It is dedicated to the events of the Stalinist era, which is associated with Volgograd, and the motto of this museum is the words of the writer Sholokhov about the cult of Stalin`s personality: "There was a cult, but there was also a personality." 

The private Stalin Museum in Volgograd was founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Vasily Bukhtienko. The museum`s exposition is located in 3 rooms. In one of the rooms of the Museum you can see a wax figure of Joseph Stalin at a table.  

The exposition begins with the Civil War of the 1920s. At this time, Stalin, together with Voroshilov, led the defense of the city of Tsaritsyn. Here he also collected food for the needs of the Soviet government. Then the city of Tsaritsyn will be renamed Stalingrad, and after the WWII in Volgograd

A significant part of the Stalin Museum in Volgograd is dedicated to the great Soviet construction projects and the industrialization of the country, when in a short period the USSR was able to significantly increase its economic potential and prepare for war. In the vicinity of Volgograd in the 1930s, the Volga hydroelectric power station was built and the Volga-Don Canal was laid. 

The Stalin Museum has an exhibition dedicated to the Battle of Stalingrad during WWII. This battle ended with the defeat of the 6th Paulus Army, after which the Germans lost the strategic initiative and, as a result, lost the war. The main events of this battle took place where this museum is located - on Mamayev Kurgan. 

Many visitors in their reviews reproach the Stalin Museum in Volgograd that information about the Stalin era is presented one-sidedly. A lot is told here about Stalin`s achievements, but the tragic events associated with the Stalinist repressions of the 1930s are also not mentioned. However, this museum is private, so its owners have the right to determine the criteria for submitting information themselves. You need to be prepared for this if you want to visit the museum.