A monument to Lenin is on the outskirts of Volgograd on the bank of the Volga, where the Volga-Don Canal begins. It is one of the highest monuments in the world to a man who has ever lived on the Earth. Its height with a pedestal reaches 57 meters, and the height of the sculpture itself is 27 meters.

Of course, there are much higher monuments in the world: those to Buddha and Jesus Christ, and the Statue of Liberty. But such high monuments to really living people were not built before. Originally, this was a monument to Stalin of the same height. It was built in 1952 after the construction of the above-mentioned canal was completed.

However, Stalin died a year after the monument was installed. And most of the monuments to Stalin were removed just after the process of debunking the cult of personality began, but this monument remained on its place until 1969 when it was decided to replace it with those of Lenin. 

Eugene Vuchetich was the architect of both sculptures. He also was the author of sculptures on the Mamayev Kurgan. The monument to Lenin was finished in 1973.