The Volgograd Memorial Historical Museum is located in a beautiful mansion, which once belonged to the family of Repnikov, the well-known Tsaritsyn merchants and patrons, and is dedicated to the events of the Civil War. And originally it was called the Stalin Museum of the Defence of Tsaritsyn.

The building was built opposite the Railway Station in 1903. This is a bright example of the Russian tent style of red brick. The building has two front facades, which was uncharacteristic of houses of that period.

After the revolution of 1917 the defense staff of the Tsaritsyno Council (of Workers, Soldiers, Peasants and Cossack Deputies) and the provincial military committee were located in the mansion, and then it was made a museum. In 5 museum rooms you can see the exposition dedicated to the modern history of Tsaritsyn: how in the beginning of 20 century the city became the industrial center of the Volga Region and during the Civil War was one of the most important defense centers of the White movement led by Denikin, and then the center of Soviet power in the Volga Region.

There are a lot of photos and documents reflecting the events of those times. In one of the museum rooms you can see the design of an armored train, which were actively used during the Civil War.