Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts was opened in 1960. At the museum you can see interesting works of many famous Russian artists of 19-20 centuries, such as Repin, Serov, Aivazovsky, Vereshchagin and many others, as well as a large collection of works by Ilya Mashkov.

Ilya Ivanovich Mashkov was born in Volgograd region in 1881 (then the region was known as the Province of the Don Cossack Host). He graduated from the Moscow School of Painting and for a long time was engaged in teaching painting. After the revolution of 1917 he became an active participant of transformations and headed the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia in 1925. He painted a lot of pictures on revolutionary subjects. In 2010 the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts was named after Mashkov.