Along with Mamayev Kurgan, Pavlov House became a symbol of stubborn resistance of the Russian soldiers during the Battle of Stalingrad. Now it is a small, inconspicuous four-story building, but it was in this house that a group of 31 soldiers warded off the enemy attacks for 58 days.

On one side of Pavlov House is Lenin Avenue, on the other side – Gergardt Mill. Before the war it was the most prestigious district of the city, and during the Battle of Stalingrad the Mill and Pavlov House were the main defensive positions of the city.

The house being located on the avenue, it was possible to sweep with fire a zone of about 2 km on both sides, it was occupied by the platoon led by Sgt. Pavlov. Three day later it was joined by the group headed by lieutenant Afanasyev bringing enough equipment, and the two-month defense of the house began.

A trench was dug between Gergardt Mill and Pavlov House, and the house itself was surrounded by minefields. This made it possible to hold off the enemy attacks almost without loss. For nearly two months of the defense only 3 of 31 soldiers were killed. By the way, among the defenders there were the soldiers of 11 nations. You can see the photos of all defenders at the Museum of the Battle of Stalingrad.

The restoration of Pavlov`s House began almost immediately after the liberation of Stalingrad, on January 9th 1943. At present the house is a part of the big memorial complex of Lenin Square, and on the side facing the Mill is a memorial wall with the following words: «In this building fused together heroic feats of warfare and of labor. We will defend you, dear Stalingrad»!