Lenin Avenue in Volgograd is the longest avenue (14 km) in Russia. It is the main street of Volgograd extending for about a hundred kilometers along the Volga river. However, only a small part of the avenue between the Square of the Fallen Fighters and Lenin Square may be interesting for tourists.

You should begin the walk along Lenin Avenue from the Square of the Fallen Fighters and the Alley of Heroes where you can see the monuments to the revolutionaries of 1919, as well as the defenders of Stalingrad in 1942. Also, on the square is the famous department store where the field marshal Paulus was taken prisoner.

Beginning from this square Lenin Avenue becomes a boulevard. The central alley, which is lined by poplars on both sides, is flanked by highways. On Lenin Avenue all buildings were erected after the war, as this part of the city was especially damaged during the defense of Stalingrad. 

Universities, banks and administrative buildings are on Lenin Avenue between the Square of the Fallen Fighters and Lenin Square. Lenin Square is of special interest. To the right is the memorial of Pavlov`s House, which was an important defense position during the Battle of Stalingrad. In front of it is a big Lenin monument, and on the opposite side of the square is the monumental building of the House of Officers.

Under Lenin Avenue is a light rail line, which is a type of regular subway. By express tramway you can easily get from Lenin Square to the tractor plant.