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Church of the Assumption at the Ferry in Pskov

The Church of the Assumption at the Ferry is a peculiar example of the medieval Pskov architecture. The first records of the church can be found in the chronicles of 1444.

It was built at the Princess Olga`s Bridge. However, the name of the church suggests that the bridge appeared later and at first the people crossed the river by the ferry.

In the course of time the ferry was replaced at first by the floating bridge, and then by the regular bridge. However, the church preserved its original name and is an important monument of Pskov architecture. 

In 1521 the church was drastically reconstructed and acquired its today appearance. The square church has three aisles devoted to the Nativity of the Virgin, Nilus of Stolben Island and the Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Up to the middle of the 20 century the cross of the 16 century towered above the church. It was surmounted by the dove, the symbol of Holy Spirit. It is believed that as long as the dove is on the cross, the gifts of the holy spirit will be with Pskov. It was for this reason the dove was left in place during the restoration of the dome and the cross in 1949.