The strong Gremyacha Tower located on the right bank of the Pskova was one of the key defense points of the Okolny (roundabout) town. In that place the Pskova rounds a mountain. This now half-ruined tower is surrounded by very picturesque landscapes.

As is known, the Pskova flowed through the center of the medieval Pskov, which was guarded by strong fortifications. And on two sides the river was barred by the so-called Upper and Lower grates. 

The Lower grate was between the Flat and High towers where the Pskova river flows into the Velikaya, and the Upper grate was guarded by the Gremyacha Tower. The Gremyacha Tower reached the height of 20 meters and had 6 tiers, with cannons installed on each of them. The base diameter of the tower is 15 meters. 

At first the tower built in 1525 bore the name of Cosmo and Damian, in memory of the former monastery of the same name. It is known that the tower had a secret passage to the river, so that the defenders of the Upper grate, which was very important for the defense of the city, could have an access to water. 

There is a local legend about the daughter of the prince sleeping in the tower. To awake her you must read the psalter 12 days on end. There is also a legend about a prince who was taken prisoner by the Livonian knights and killed in the tower.