The beautiful and rather big church of the Epiphany in the Zapskovye is also called the «Epiphany at the Brody». It was called so because you could then ford the river Pskova in that place.

The first record of the church dates back to 1398, but the today stone church appeared only in 1496. From the architectural point of view, the Epiphany Church in the Zapskovye is a masterpiece of Pskov school. 

The church has a rather complex construction. Separate forechurches and a big bell tower with four bells were attached to the main one-domed church. The latter appeared in 16 centuries. The side fore-churches have separate entrances with covered galleries.

The church is in a beautiful place on the picturesque high banks of the Pskova river. Water was usually consecrated on the Epiphany in that place of Pskov.