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Cosmas and Damian Church at the Primostye in Pskov

Cosmas and Damian Church at the Primostye located in center of Pskov. Primostye is a place near the kremlin where the Psko-va river is spanned by the Trinity Bridge. The main street of the Old Town called Zvannitsa (now Pozemskiy street) runs over the bridge. In that place Zvannitsa was crossed by another street so it was called the «Zvanny Cross».

Since the foundation of Pskov churches always were built in that place. The first wooden church burnt in 1462. The today stone church was built in 1463. It was consecrated to the saints Kosmas and Damian. The church was rebuilt several times. For example, it was significantly rebuilt after an explosion in one of the forechurches in 1507.

The entire church complex is very big. The church is surrounded by a strong fence. To the right of the church is a big chamber, which once served a bell tower but the big tent with bells didn’t survive to our days.