Churches in Children park is one of interesting travel attraction in Pskov. The children park is just beyond the busy October square. It is one of the central places of the old Pskov. It is mainly interesting for the four ancient churches located on its small territory.

The monument of Princess Olga, Equal-to-the-Apostles, is at the intersection of October square. The foundation of Pskov is related to her name. According a legend, when she was standing on the bank of the river Velikaya  Princess Olga had a vision. Consequently, she ordered to build a Trinity church on that place. According to the legend, the Trinity Cathedral of Pskov was the first Christian church founded by St. Olga before the Christianization of Rus` by her grandson Vladimir.

The children park with amusements and walking paths is behind the monument of Princess Olga. The Church of St. Basil the Great on the Gorka is in the middle of the park. The church built in 15 century was the highest building in the Middle Town, as it was on the top of a rather high hill. The bell tower of this church had the alarm bell, which summoned the Pskovians to the defense of the city when it was approached by the enemies. The Church of St. Basil the Great on the Gorka is near the small Church of Anastasia of Rome. It was built about the same time.

The Church of St. Nicholas on the Usokha and the Church of Odigitria are on the opposite side of So-viet street. The church was built on the edge of a swamp locally called Usokha in 14 century. Later it suf-fered from a fire but was rebuilt in 1536. That church survived to our days.