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Church of Resurrection on the Stadishche in Pskov

The Church of Resurrection on the Stadishche is near the walls of the Okolny City on Pozemskiy street (formerly Zvannitsa). In ancient times «stadishche» was an area around a church and the name stuck to this church.

The first record of the church dates back to 1458. Then it was located on the territory of the Resurrec-tion monastery. However, after the order on secularization issued by Empress Catherine in 1764 the mo-nastery was abolished and the church was converted into a parish church.

In 1788 the church was ascribed to the bigger Church of St. Barlaam of Hutyn, which is a hundred me-ters from it, near the Barlaam tower, and in 1808 they were even going to pull it down through dilapidation. Finally, it was decided to restore the church and so it survived to our days.