The well-appointed embankment of the Velikaya river, which is pleasant to walk on, is in the neighborhood of the Kremlin, as well as near the Olga`s Bridge to the south of the Mirozhsky monastery. On the other opposite bank of the Velikaya river there is also a small stretch of embankment with interesting sights. One can go there over the Olga`s Bridge.

You should start your walk along the embankment of the Velikaya river at the Kremlin. Today the embankment runs along the entire Pskov Kremlin. Vlasievskaya Tower is nearest to the Olginskiy Bridge. Smerdya (Peasant, Plebeian), Kutekroma and Ploskaya (Flat) towers are farther from the bridge.

If you go over the Olga`s Bridge you can see the ancient Church of the Assumption at the Ferry, and a little farther – the Chapel of Princess Olga and the Olga`s Cross.