Helicopter pad in Samara

To the north of Samara in the direction of the Kururmoch Airport there is an interesting place called the Helicopter Pad. Formerly, near the Helicopter Pad there was located the Rocket Engine Development Plant # 2, headed by the constructor Nicolai Kuznetsov. In terms of official status he ought to have a helicopter and this was its landing site.

The Helicopter Pad is on the high bank of the Volga in the township Upravlenchesky, which is now a district of Samara. From this place you can have the most beautiful views of the Volga and the national park Samarskaya Luka. In this place the Volga flows through the so-called Volga Gate. It is the two cliffs of the Zhigulevsk Mountains (Sernaya and Tip-Tyav).

To the right of the Helicopter Pad you can see the village Krasnaya Glinka, and to the left of it - most part of Samara. On the Helicopter Pad itself there are walks, cafes and a restaurant. There you can easily spend several hours admiring the beauties of the Volga landscapes.