When visiting any city it will be interesting to see how it looked say a century ago. As a rule, modern districts and industrial area of any city are of little interest for tourists.

Samara has a historic center called the Old Samara, but, unfortunately, most of the district is in the extremely bad condition. However, a visit to the Leningrad Street can give you the most positive impressions and you will have a full idea of the low-rise buildings of Samara in the past century.

Pedestrian zone of the Leningrad Street begins not far from the Volga Embankment. At the Kuibyshev Street there is the stele commemorating the 150-jubilee of Samara Province. From that point to the Galaktionovskaya Street you can have a walk along the nice small houses and see the Old Samara.

The buildings on the Leningrad Street, which are closer to the Volga, mainly have two or three floors. There remained the houses of 19 century, for example, the Zhukov`s House. Nearer to the Galaktionovskaya Street you can see 4- and even 5-floor buildings. On some of them there remained the agitation metal structures of 1917.

All along the Leningrad Street there are many street lamps, flower beds and benches, which make the street a good place for relaxation and promenades. If you descend from the Leningrad Street to the Volga, only a quarter away you can see another tourist attraction of Samara – the Stalin`s bunker.