Samara Square is in Lenin District on the steep bank of the Volga River. Unlike the Kuybyshev Square, there are always many walking people and roller skaters.

Actually, the Samara Square and the Square of Glory is a comprehensive whole. From there you can have a beautiful view of the Volga, and at night you can see a musical fountain at the foot of the hill on the bank of the river.

There are many tourist attractions on the Samara Square. The primary one is the Monument of Glory. It`s a huge 40-meter stele topped by the statue of a worker with wings in the upheld hands. By the idea of the authors it had to show the contribution of the citizens of Samara in the development of aircraft industry at the time of World War II.

In the middle of the Samara Square you can see the Eternal Flame, the bas relief of the Mother Motherland and the Church of St. George the Victorious. On the square you can also see the Building of the Samara Regional Administration.