The memorial house-museum of Lenin in the historical center of Samara is devoted to the life of the Ulyanovs after they were forced to move there from Kazan in 1890. The museum is located in the former mansion of the merchant Rytikov.

As is known, the Ulyanovs at first lived in Kazan where Vladimir Ilyich Lenin entered the Kazan University. However, already in his first year at the university Lenin began to visit Marxist groups and was one of the most active participants of the so-called student unrest. As result, Lenin was immediately expelled from the university and put under under Kazan police supervision.

It was for these reasons that the Ulyanovs moved from Kazan to Samara. In Samara the Ulyanovs rented the entire first floor of the roomy house of the merchant Rytikov. There Vladimir Ilyich prepared for admission to the law faculty of St. Petersburg University and worked as assistant lawyer at the district court. At the same time he began to write his first theoretical works and create Marxist groups in Samara.

The memorial house of Lenin was opened on January 3, 1940. At the mansion of Rytikov there were restored the interiors and the furnishing of the time when it was rented by the Ulyanovs. At the museum there is also an exposition devoted to the three years (1890-1893) Vladimir Ilyich Lenin spent in Samara.