In the remote year 1881 in Samara there was laid down one of the first Russian breweries. Zhigulevsk brewery was built by the Austrian Alfred Vacano near the old landing on the bank of the Volga.

Although the brewery was called «Zhigulevsk», at first it brewed only Viennese beer. However, quite soon they began to brew Zhigulevsk beer, which became the symbol of the beer industry of the Soviet Union. It seemed that there were only Zhigulevsk beer in the USSR, and all other brands were simply non-existent.

The buildings of Zhigulevsk brewery survived until our days with minimum renovations. All of them were built in the style of industrial constructivism and actually are the landmark of Samara.

Zhigulevsk brewery is located on the Volga embankment of Samara. It is a good place for walks and even bathing. Also you may come there to see the sight of Samara known as «Dno» or «Na dne».

Near the old landing there is stall where the fresh beer directly from the silos of the brewery is sold. Actually, it isn’t a stall but a window where a man distributes by a hose the beer supplied under high pressure from the Zhigulevsk brewery. Everyone can buy empty plastic bottles nearby and stand in a line to the window. After that you can go home or drink beer at the river where there are several tables (a kind of a cafe). Nearby you can buy rather tasty dried fish and stockfish or crayfish.

Generally, you can affirm that a visit to the «Dno» at the Zhigulevsk brewery may be quite an interesting experience for all guests of Samara.