Sloping bank of the Volga made it possible to create a beautiful embankment in Samara. There are always a lot of relaxing people on the square in any season of the year, and in summer you can bathe, get browned and go in for active sports there.

Recreation zone of Samara embankment stretches for several kilometers from the Old Samara and the riverside station to Lesnaya St. However in between there are buildings of the Zhigulevsk Brewery and Samara GRES (regional power station), where there is no embankment.

It is quite real to go along the entire embankment on foot, but it will be a too long walk, of over 5 kilometers. It would be better to have a walk in the most pleasant places of the embankment located in the Old Samara.

You can start your tour of the Samara embankment of the Volga from the riverside station where the hotel “Russia” is located. Alternatively, you can go aboard a pleasure boat and see the embankments and beaches of Samara from the river, and then have a walk on the bank.

In the area of the Old Samara along the embankment excellent beaches are located. In summer you can see vacationers there even on week-days, and on week-ends there come a great number of people. The width of the beach, which is several dozens of meters, let those who want to bathe and get browned to settle at the water edge, and those who are in for volleyball and other active games – on the embankment side. By the way, there are several tens of volleyball grounds at the embankment.

The sand on the beaches stretching for several kilometers along the Samara embankment is very clean, as well as the water of the Volga, so the bathing will be no worse than on any other river resort.

The embankment of the Old Samara ends at the Zhigulevsk Brewery. There is located the famous «Dno», where you can always buy fresh Zhigulevsk beer and dried fish and drink it near the old landing.

Further to the north, beyond the Samara GRES, there is another recreation zone of the Samara embankment, in the area of the Samara Square and the Kin Up entertainment center. There are also beaches and walking places here.