Space Samara Museum

The «Space Samara» Museum is on Lenin Street in Samara. The museum building is not very big. But the huge exhibit, the original launch vehicle «Soyuz» (not a model), is front of the museum.

Its height is 53 meters and its weight is 20 tonnes. The «Soyuz» launchers were flown nearly two thousand times into space. The three stage rocket was designed by Korolev and since that time its various modifications were manufactured at Progress State Research and Production Rocket Space Center in Samara.

The rocket was intended to put various spacecrafts into low earth orbit. At the museum you can see some of these spacecrafts such as Resource M-1, for mapping and examination of the natural resources of the Earth from space, Resource F-2, for photographing of the Earth in 4 from 6 possible spectrums, and Yantar-2К, for photographing of the Earth surface. Various liquid propulsors used in different rocket systems are also presented at the museum. 

There you can also see the astronaut`s spacesuit, as well as tubed space food.  Additionally, the museum has a futuristic exposition, with the models of future lunar stations, as well as outer space development plans.